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ООО "Горный Сектор"
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О нас


Mining-Sector is an independent market research and consulting team that provides an ongoing in-depth analysis of Russian mining market.

Our reports offer insights into market opportunities and entry strategies designed to gain market share in the Russian mining industry. We provide you with the current and historical data that is an essential resource for professionals active across the mining industry  and for new players considering entry into our market. Our Market Research Reports offer important analysis to distinguish and examine  market size, needs and trends. We provide our clients with the detailed analysis of the market and competitors as well as internal and external factors which could impact the industry. Mining technology markets are rife with uncertainty and risk. Mining Sector provides our clients with market intelligence designed to clarify investment and expansion opportunities for industry participants.

 In particular, we offer an in-depth analysis of the following:

- the policy and regulatory framework governing the  mining industry of the Russian Federation;

- dynamics and development trends of the Russian market;

- industry drivers and restraints;

- domestic consumption, structure of consumption  and production dynamics of Russian producers ;

Our reports provide up-to-date  information including (but not limited to):

- major industrial end-users and company-consumers by sector;

- methods of production and types of  products of major mining companies;

- top active and pipeline projects in the Russian mining industry;

- business practices in the Russian mining sector;

- description of mined, proven and probable deposits;

Our research process  includes collection and interpretation of market data by using statistical and analytical techniques. The backbone of Mining Sector’s analysis is the primary research gained from telephone and in-person interviews with industry leaders including executives, engineers, and marketing professionals. 

We speak with skilled technical professionals (geologists and engineers) involved in exploration, pre-feasibility studies, mine planning and development, operational efficiency improvements and greenfield exploration.

Using our service  clients  determine which projects have reasonable prospects for economic extraction, and to identify potential partnerships and suppliers to develop projects with the potential to become a world-class producing assets.


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ООО "Горный Сектор"
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