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Detection of Patent Infringement

Intellectual property protection plays a key role  when entering  markets.

One of the difficulties in establishing  balanced and effective IP protection policies with respect to patented products or technologies is detecting patent infringement.

It is the patentee who is responsible for detecting infringements and for bringing them to the infringer’s attention. The most common form of infringement faced by patent owners is straight-out copying of an invention  or  minor variations or modifications thereof.


Mining-sector´s  experts will detect a prohibited act that could involve  the making, using, selling or importing of a client's  patented product, or the use of the patented process, or the making, using, selling or importing a product directly obtained through the patented process.


Turn to Mining-Sector´s specialists for detecting and proving patent infringement in these fields:


-Mining and Power Sectors;

- Mechanical Engineering;

- Constructions Materials;